Should I Refinish or Restore My Furniture?

Barn WoodShop in Menlo Park CA Provides Furniture Restoration and Provides Furniture Refinish Services

For lovers of finely made wood furniture, it’s an age-old dilemma. Do you refinish furniture or restore furniture when it falls into disrepair? At The Barn Woodshop, we have built our reputation on offering fine furniture restoration and furniture refinishing craftsmanship, an old-world attention to excellence and precision, and revitalizing beloved furniture pieces. A family-owned and operated business, The Barn Woodshop in Menlo Park CA offers furniture repair and furniture restoration service. In addition, our skilled and experienced craftsmen offer personal touches in their work, from hand-rubbed finishes to hand-stripping to hand-woven seating.

The Furniture Repair Dilemma

When you have a piece of furniture in disrepair, you often need to decide whether to refinish or repair. Understanding the difference can help you make an informed decision.

At The Barn Woodshop, our employees will discuss with you the pros and cons of each and make recommendations about the best course of action for your furniture pieces.

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing furniture is a much more comprehensive and involved process. When refinishing an item, the furniture is usually stripped down to bare original wood. While many furniture repair shops use chemical strippers, we offer hand-stripping service which is more appropriate for these types of pieces.

After being stripped, the furniture is sanded smooth and stained before a finish is applied.

Refinishing can make your furniture look beautiful. But for masterpieces, high-value items, or those with a clear lineage to a well-known and respected craftsman or company, there is the possibility that refinishing could diminish the value of your piece.

Restoring Furniture

Furniture restoration services are less invasive than furniture refinishing. In most cases, choosing the least invasive option is usually the best course for preserving furniture value. Furniture restoration may actually be the best outcome and add value in the long run. Restoring furniture involves doing a light, noninvasive cleaning of the wood, repairing any damage and replacing fixtures if necessary.

Some people use the terms refinish and restore interchangeably, which can lead to confusion and end results that are not desired. The Barn Workshop craftsmen will be happy to explain the processes, supplies and equipment used in each case.

Working with the Barn Woodshop

When The Barn Woodshop works on your furniture, you know that you will have talented and experienced craftsmen who specialize in intricate woodworking. For example, instead of dipping your furniture in a vat of harsh stripping chemicals, we use safe materials that get the job done. We pride ourselves on being meticulous in our work.

In addition to furniture restoration and furniture refinishing, The Barn Woodshop offers a range of other woodworking services. We custom-build furniture, reupholster furniture, work on antique restorations and do architectural woodwork restoration. We provide hand-woven seats in a variety of styles and materials, including cane, wicker, rattan, oak splints and high-density cotton Shaker tape.

We understand that customers can be quite emotionally attached to their furniture. Since our founding in 1929, we’ve valued the time-honored traditions associated with fine woodworking. Proprietor Tom Kieninger learned as an apprentice at the hands of his father, Al, who purchased The Barn Woodshop in 1974. Today, Tom’s son, Luke, is learning the business the same way his father and grandfather did.

For all types of furniture repair and furniture reupholstery services in Menlo Park CA, turn to the trusted and experienced hands at The Barn Woodshop.


Furniture Reupholstery And Restoration In San Francisco CA

The Barn Woodshop Offers Furniture Reupholstery and Furniture Restoration Services in Menlo Park and San Francisco CA

Do you have old furniture that looks like it’s on its last leg? Have you already started budgeting for new furniture sets to purchase? Don’t rush to throw out your current furniture or buy new ones. You should consider furniture reupholstery or furniture restoration first at The Barn Woodshop in San Francisco CA.

Professional reupholstering and restoration companies can help to turn your old furniture around. Here are five things you should know about furniture reupholstery and furniture restoration:

Comfort And Aesthetics Are Primary Concerns
When you take your furniture in to be reupholstered or refinished, be sure to note that comfort and aesthetics are a priority. Make sure the company you are working with for furniture restoration and furniture reupholstery is aware of this and promises to work with the highest-quality materials and padding. Your goal is to make your furniture last, so make sure they can do just that.

Find The Right Fabric For Your Current Decor
Find a fabric resource that allows you to choose from a variety of fabric options. There is no better way to give your furniture a new life than to cover it with new fabric that fits perfectly into your current décor. Even if you have antique furniture, you can still find materials that play to the era gone by and revive that old piece to make it hip and comfortable again.

Determine A Timeframe For Your Custom Reupholstery Project
Ask your furniture repair specialist what the expected timeframe will be for them to complete the furniture refinishing or furniture reupholstery process. Any professional furniture workman in San Francisco, CA should be committed to a realistic timeframe and should be repairing the furniture in a proper order for optimum results.

Customization Is Easier Than Ever
If you have a special fabric that you love, bring it to the upholsterer and ask if they can use it. One thing to be aware of is the thickness of the fabric. If the fabric is too thin, it could rip easily but there are still options to have it backed for added strength. Ask about the options and show them your sample. It is likely they can incorporate it into the overall job.

Consider Reupholstery For All Of Your Home Furniture
A good furniture restoration company can restore any type of furniture, from sofas, loveseats, benches, dining room chairs or anything with a padding and material cover to it. This is a great way to update all of the furniture within your house so that it is durable and looks great in your home.

Reupholstering or restoring your furniture can be more affordable than picking out completely new furniture. Plus, if you have valuable furniture that has been in the family, you likely want to keep it preserved for generations to come. If you’re considering updating your furniture with reupholstery or furniture restoration in San Francisco CA, be sure to check out The Barn Woodshop (, a company that offers exceptional furniture reupholstery and furniture restoration. They can customize your furniture with the fabric options you want and repair the legs, backs of furniture and other wood elements back to new.