Furniture Repair San Mateo County

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Furniture Repair Service Instead of Buying New in San Mateo County, CA

The Barn Woodshop Brings Generations of Craftsmanship to Every Piece of Furniture We Work On

Your furniture often has a special place in your heart. When it’s damaged, you have options beyond going out and purchasing anew. Give your loved pieces some TLC with our team at The Barn Woodshop. Whether its furniture restoration or furniture reupholstery, we offer furniture repair San Mateo County residents trust to restore well-worn and well-loved pieces to their earlier glory.

With all the fancy bells and whistles available with some newer furniture, you may be wondering whether it’s truly worth it to repair instead of replace. Here are five reasons why we think its furniture repair San Mateo County you should choose.

  1. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

When you use finely crafted furniture, you know it. The legs are sturdy, the tables are level and the couches and chairs are resilient and elegant. Furniture construction is a time-honored craft. To preserve the beauty of well-built furniture, repairs help keep that legacy of craftsmanship alive and well.

  1. It Can Be Fixed

It may seem hopeless when a leg or arm cracks, upholstery is stained or ripped, or scratches seem to cover too much of the surface area. At The Barn Workshop, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We know how to diagnosis and carefully repair your furniture by hand, using best practices and the finest tools.

  1. Replacement Can Be Expensive

In many cases, the cost of replacing a piece of furniture with a new item far outweighs the repair costs. In addition to the cost, you’ll spend a great deal of time traveling to stores, haggling with salespeople, and transporting your purchase. And while online shopping is an option, you do not have a sense of quality, touch or feel.

  1. Repairs Add Longevity and Value

There’s a reason that your long-lasting furniture has, well, lasted so long. It was built right. With a few minor repairs, along with some tightening, leveling and refinishing, your newly restored furniture will serve you and your family for decades to come. Furniture restoration is an investment that’s well worth it in the long run.

  1. Home Repairs Can Bring Some Tears and Colorful Language

In San Mateo County, some homeowners turn into weekend warriors, relying on how-to books and online videos to figure out how to do repairs themselves. Often, these furniture repair jobs can end up causing more damage … and family members may learn a few new vocabulary words in the process.

Relying on the seasoned pros sat The Barn Woodshop means you can rest easy when it comes to furniture repair San Mateo County. Our multigenerational teams are all highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. We have the tools and teams ready to take on any of your furniture repairs, furniture restoration or furniture reupholstery jobs. We have been helping Bay Area customers for more than 80 years, building a reputation for old-world approaches to deliver good-as-new results.

Furniture Repair Menlo Park CA

Finding a Furniture Repair Company in Menlo Park CA

The Barn Woodshop Provides Fine Craftsmanship to Restore Your Beloved Furniture Pieces

We understand that furniture is far more than wood and fabric. For many families, furniture feels like a part of the family – familiar and comfortable. At The Barn Woodshop, we know that age and accidents can cause furniture to fall into disrepair. With generations of experience and a team of skilled craftspeople, we offer the furniture repair, furniture restoration and furniture reupholstery Menlo Park CA residents have turned to again and again to care for their precious pieces.

Types of Damage

There’s a wide range of possible damage that can be done to a piece of furniture. From simple touch-ups of a finish, dents or dings to fully cracked legs and arms or damaged upholstery. At The Barn Woodshop, we’ve seen it all. We have the tools, equipment, supplies and, most importantly, the experience to take care of any type of furniture from any period or style.

Here’s a look at few of the common types of damage that we can repair:

  • Joints. Furniture consists of a series of joints that connect pieces and sections. Often structural failures occur when these joints are strained or weakened. The type, strength and complexity of joints varies greatly from period to period and type of furniture. Joints should be repaired as soon as they become loose or separated.
  • Legs, Rungs and Spindles. Chairs that are used frequently are susceptible to loosened legs, rungs and spindles. Clamps, glues and other adhesives can be used to get a chair steady and usable once again.
  • Back Rails and Slats. When back slats or rails are broken or chipped, we can carefully disassemble the chair and mill a replacement piece.
  • Structural Arms and Legs. When an arm or leg is a key structural component, we can reinforce the area in many cases to ensure that pieces are strengthened and need fewer future repairs.

We can repair many other issues, including:

  • Casters
  • Uneven legs
  • Cabinet doors
  • Door panels
  • Drawers
  • Hardware
  • Caning
  • Reupholstery
  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Brass and metal work
  • Clock cases

Restoring and Reupholstering Furniture

In addition to a full line of repair services, we also offer historical and antique furniture restoration. We will carefully assess what’s needed to restore a beloved heirloom to its original luster. We will remove finishes, make necessary repairs and refinish the piece to give it a new lease on life while preserving its value.

We provide services for furniture reupholstery Menlo Park CA residents want. We have a full range of fabrics, styles and closure options to keep your furniture functional, bright and making a statement in your home.

Since 1929, The Barn Woodshop has provided meticulous furniture repair. We do not use harsh chemical strippers and dipping techniques when stripping furniture. Our employees strip each piece of furniture by hand. Whether your job is restoring architectural woodwork, re-caning a hand-woven chair or repairing minor damage, we are here to serve you. If you are looking for furniture repair Menlo Park, contact The Barn Woodshop at 650.322.2295 or

Furniture Repair and Restoration in Palo Alto CA

The Barn Woodshop Offers Expert Craftsmanship and Furniture Repair to Keep Furniture Beautiful

Beloved furniture often holds sentimental as well as financial value. Whether purchased as an investment or to provide form and function, or handed down throughout the generations, furniture is an important part of who we are. When you need furniture repair, furniture restoration or chair caning in Palo Alto CA, you can trust the experienced woodworkers at The Barn Woodshop to transform your much-loved pieces and protect them for years to come.


Repairs By Experts

Older furniture frequently needs to be repaired, whether due to a rambunctious youngster, an errant ball or a vacuuming mishap. Whatever the reason, at The Barn Woodshop we will closely assess your furniture and recommend the proper furniture repair.

Rest assured, we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to furniture. Whether it’s water rings, burns, spills or stains, we can undo damage done to the finish of your furniture. Chips, nicks, deep grooves, gouges, scratches are all fixable. So too are broken legs, arms, corners or edges. These repairs maintain the functionality of your pieces and help to preserve the beauty and value.


Precision and Craftsmanship

While there are a number of how-to videos and workshops about how to repair furniture on your own, undertaking such a project can be daunting for a number of reasons. For one, there is the need to purchase the right tools and supplies to do the job. Without the right experience and skills, home repairs can cause even more damage to your furniture. Too many do-it-yourself projects end up unfinished due to frustration or lack of skills among Weekend Woodworkers.


At The Barn Woodshop, we have the supplies, tools, and expertise to do the job right. Whether it’s assessing damage, identifying the right repair technique, replacing wood with the proper grain, fixing dings, or sanding and replacing finishes to restore sheen, count on us to delight and amaze. If you have a chair that needs to be caned, we can use the same techniques and materials to give your seating new life.


In addition to furniture repair and chair caning, we also provide a wide range of furniture restoration services.  Furniture restoration is different from repair work in several important ways.


Restoration uses period-authentic materials and techniques to restore your piece to its original glory, look and function. With furniture restoration, you eliminate the costs of money and time needed to find and pay for new pieces.


Furniture restoration also improves the safety and usefulness of your pieces, and, in many cases, can increase the resale value of antique furniture.


Why The Barn Woodshop

The Barn Workshop site dates back to 1885 and is today considered a Bay Ara historical site. Since shortly after World War II, three generations of the Kleninger family have led the company, after learning their craft as apprentices. Over its 83 years, The Barn Woodshop has earned a reputation for its care, precision, craftsmanship and old-world skills. If you are looking for furniture repair in Palo Alto CA, contact The Barn Woodshop at 650-322-2295, or visit our website at

Chair Caning Repair Palo Alto CA

The #1 Chair Caning Repair Service
in Palo Alto Area

Classic vintage furniture is absolutely wonderful and can add a lot of character to the home. Many old furniture was built with cane material because it made the furniture, hygienic, airy and light weight. For people in Palo Alto CA looking to restore caned furniture, it is important that they use a chair caning repair service that can support both the integrity of the original piece and also support the weight of a person sitting in the furniture.

If you have cane furniture that you want to restore, it is important that you understand the terminology associated with this type of furniture. First, the material that the furniture is built with is called “cane”. The process in which the furniture is created is called “caning” and the product is called “caned furniture”. If you are looking for a chair caning service or caning in Palo Alto, CA, contact, The Barn Woodshop. We take great care of your cane furniture and specialize in refurbishing and restoring caned furniture back to its original condition.

How To Care For A Caned Chair or Furniture

Once you have your beautifully renovated cane furniture, it’s important to know how to care for it.  To get the best use out of your caned furniture, follow these tips.

  • Keep Cane Chairs Away From Heat and Humidity – Heat and humidity will cause the cane to become dry, resulting in brittle furniture that breaks. Heater ducts and direct sunlight should also be avoided whenever possible. To preserve the quality of your furniture, use a humidifier in the room.
  • Use High Quality Products To Maintain Appearance – In order to experience the best results from your chair caning repair, be sure to use only high quality oil to polish. You’ll want to go over your furniture a few times a year with oil containing orange or lemon oil. You may use mineral oil, in small amounts.
  • Make Sure Weight is Distributed Evenly – Caned furniture can be particularly delicate. So in order to prevent breakage, be sure to have the weight evenly distributed, whenever possible. Do not use furniture as a step stool, ladder, and certainly never kneel upon the furniture. If you do, it will cause your furniture to age prematurely, and you will have to invest in chair caning restoration again.

What To Do If The Furniture Seat Sags

As your furniture gets old, it is going to experience some normal wear and tear. If you notice that your seats are sagging, don’t fret just yet. You can revive it, before investing in the cost of chair caning restoration. Here’s what to do if your furniture seat begins to sag.

  • Spray Your Seating – First, flip your chair over. Apply a wet, warm cloth to the underside of your caned seating. Let the cane seat and washcloth dry overnight. This process will shrink and dry the cane, which will take the pressure off of the inside of the wooden frame. Conversely, you can spray the seat with warm water. Let the solution dry overnight, and the same shrinking process should occur.
  • Get Chair Caning Repair – If you want to maintain the look of your furniture, you’ll need to retighten the cane, or it will break along the frame. The Barn Woodshop has over 83 years of experience in the business of old-world craftsmanship and we specialize in chair caning repair.

Are you looking for an expert in chair caning repair? Contact The Barn Woodshop at (650) 322-2295, so we can help bring new life into your furniture. We offer a wide variety of services in chair caning restoration and are happy to help any way that we can. Call us today!

Chair Caning Expert Menlo Park CA

The Barn Woodshop Is The Chair Caning Expert and Chair Repair Expert
in Menlo Park, CA

Are you looking for a chair caning expert in Menlo Park CA? Or do you need chair repair services in Menlo Park CA? If you have some old furniture that could use some sprucing up, you may consider either chair caning or chair restoration. Chair restoration or chair caning are excellent ways to update your furniture while keeping the integrity of the piece, and may be more affordable then replacing furniture. If you are happy with your furniture and want to maintain the beautiful vintage look, then consider chair caning or chair repair by The Barn Woodshop.

What is Chair Caning?

Chair caning is essentially wicker weaving. Many antique chairs contain woven seats, and experience a lot of wear and tear through the years. Thus, these seats need to ultimately be replaced. This process is called chair caning. This beautiful art form is a technique that dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians would use a fiber made from papyrus to construct various seating for their chairs and beds.

What is Chair Cane Made Of?

Today, the material strands from chair cane derives from Rattan Palm. Rattan Palms can be found in tropical areas of far eastern regions including such places as Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and other areas of Southeast Asia. Calamus Rattan are jungle vines that grow vertical in nature. The diameter of the stalks are uniform and flexible, making it feasible to weave patterns for chair seating.

Where To Find an Expert?

If you’re looking for chair repair, then look no further.  The Barn Woodshop has decades of experience. When the barn was first built in 1885, we would never imagine that it would have become the jewel that it is today. The barn was acquired by a world-class craftsman and sculptor, Martin Nelson in 1929. Nelson went on to mentor Albert Kieninger, training him extensively in the art of chair restoration. This time-honored tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Not only is high quality craftwork important, but The Barn Woodshop also prides itself on exhibiting superior customer service.

The Chair Repair We Do

The Barn Woodshop offers a wide range of furniture restoration services, including but not limited to, chair repair, chair caning, chair restoration, custom-built furniture, architectural woodwork and antique restoration, hand-woven seating and more. The process of chair restoration is extremely intricate and delicate work.

In order to deliver excellent service, great care and time is taken to ensure your antique furniture remains intact, but is restored to its fullest potential. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

If you’re looking for chair restoration in Menlo Park CA,  or chair caning in Menlo Park CA or would like more information about any of our other chair repair services, then The Barn Woodshop can help you restore your furniture. Please give us a call at 650-322-2295, so we can add new life to your furniture today.

Don’t Get Rid of Your Quality Furniture, Get Furniture Restoration

The Barn Woodshop Provides Furniture Restoration in Palo Alto CA

When you are looking to update the look of your home, or you have old furniture that is either broken or an eyesore, then you have other options besides buying all new furniture. If you are looking to update your furniture, consider furniture restoration or furniture reupholstery for your Palo Alto CA or Menlo Park CA home.

New furniture can be expensive. When purchasing new furniture, you have to set aside time to select new items and usually have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery, but if you have furniture that you like or even antique furniture that isn’t in great condition, then furniture restoration or furniture reupholstery might be a good option for you. At the Barn Woodshop in Palo Alto, we are skilled craftsmen that can bring life back into your old furniture. If you are looking for furniture restoration or furniture reupholstery in Menlo Park or Palo Alto, then check out The Barn Woodshop. Following are reasons why hiring a professional furniture restoration craftsman is a good option compared to buying new furniture or repairing furniture on your own:

  • Make A Piece Of Furniture More Valuable
    With professional furniture restoration, your old or antique furniture can be revived, making it look nicer and more sturdy, which in turn will make the furniture more valuable. If the fabric is ripped or worn, a nice way to increase the value of antique furniture is with furniture restoration and furniture reupholstery.  There is no need to get rid of your quality furniture when it only has minor damages.
  • It’s a Challenging Task
    Furniture restoration is a craft and can be complex. A professional furniture reupholster craftsman or furniture restoration company will know exactly how to carry out the task that will better the piece without damaging it.
  • You Can Save Time And Possible Money
    A professional furniture repair person will be much quicker with repairing your furniture then if you were to take it on as a Do-It-Yourself project. DIY’s require research, gathering of materials and tools and can take a lot of time, resulting in unfinished or drawn-out projects. When you hire a professional to restore your furniture, you will save time and money in the long run.
  • Safety Hazard
    Safety is especially a concern in furniture restoration if you have not restored furniture before. It may seem more simple than it actually is and can also be more dangerous than you expect.  A professional is trained to use all the equipment needed for your furniture restoration project.  You also don’t have to worry about breaking your furniture.

The next time you are looking for furniture reupholstery or furniture restoration in Palo Alto CA or Menlo Park CA, then contact The Barn Woodshop.  Don’t waste money on new furniture when you have great furniture that can be upgraded to great condition. The professionals from The Barn Woodshop will help you create the furniture of your dreams.  If you have been thinking of updating your furniture but have an attachment to the furniture you have, then furniture restoration is a great option for you.  Contact The Barn Woodshop in Palo Alto CA or Menlo Park CA at 650.322.2295.

Why You Should Choose Furniture Reupholstery Vs Buying New Furniture Palo Alto CA

The Barn Woodshop Offers Masterful Craftsmanship for Furniture Reupholstery

When your beloved couch, chair or other piece of furniture has seen better days, turn to the Barn Woodshop for all your reupholstery and furniture restoration needs. We’ve been helping Palo Alto CA homeowners with furniture reupholstery needs for decades and will give your furniture pieces the care and attention they deserve.

Many people debate whether to buy new furniture to replace items that appear worn. However, in nearly all cases, coverings can be replaced when the proper skilled craftsmanship is applied.

Here are a few of the best reasons why reupholstery is the better choice than buying anew.


Reupholstering a sofa, lounge or chair is usually much less expensive than purchasing new furniture. If the item in question is still sturdy, holding its shape and is not in need of other major repairs, furniture reupholstery will give you an almost-new piece of furniture without breaking the budget.


You know that your existing furniture works in your living space. It complements other décor in a particular room. It fits the space appropriately, hugs that corner perfectly or serves as a centerpiece of a part of your home, apartment or condo. When you choose reupholstery, you know the dimensions are correct and that everything will continue to fit.

What’s Old is New Again

Furniture restoration lets you add a contemporary or classic design to a beloved piece. If you are remodeling, you can choose the fabric, color and texture to match a newly reimagined space. Reupholstery adds versatility to any project, whether it’s a room addition, remodel or just a need to change things up a bit.


We often become attached to the pieces of furniture in our lives … the feel of a cushion or armrest, the memories invoked. Instead of abandoning an “old friend,” give it new life and luster with a reupholstered façade.

Environmental Awareness

Palo Alto CA residents who choose to reupholster their furniture are showing good environmental stewardship. Each year hundreds of thousands of pieces of furniture end up clogging landfills. Reupholstery continues to use already harvested wood and preserves natural resources.

Maintaining Value

When you choose a trained and experienced craftsperson to reupholster your furniture, you can be confident that the piece’s value will be retained and, perhaps, enhanced. Careful consideration should go into the selection of a reupholster who understands and has experience with the materials and type of furniture item you are restoring.

Working with the Barn Woodshop

At the Barn Woodshop, we have nearly 90 years of experience over multiple generations of furniture builders. Our woodworkers have years of experience with the delicate furniture, delicate detailing and carefully crafted materials that have made your pieces so beloved. We specialize in furniture restoration, furniture reupholstering, custom-built furniture, and architectural woodwork restoration. Our craftsmen are meticulous in their attention to detail and take pride in their work. We take care of your furniture so that it can be enjoyed for decades to come. If you are looking for furniture reupholstery in Palo Alto CA, contact Barn Woodshop at 650.322.2295.

Should I Refinish or Restore My Furniture?

Barn WoodShop in Menlo Park CA Provides Furniture Restoration and Provides Furniture Refinish Services

For lovers of finely made wood furniture, it’s an age-old dilemma. Do you refinish furniture or restore furniture when it falls into disrepair? At The Barn Woodshop, we have built our reputation on offering fine furniture restoration and furniture refinishing craftsmanship, an old-world attention to excellence and precision, and revitalizing beloved furniture pieces. A family-owned and operated business, The Barn Woodshop in Menlo Park CA offers furniture repair and furniture restoration service. In addition, our skilled and experienced craftsmen offer personal touches in their work, from hand-rubbed finishes to hand-stripping to hand-woven seating.

The Furniture Repair Dilemma

When you have a piece of furniture in disrepair, you often need to decide whether to refinish or repair. Understanding the difference can help you make an informed decision.

At The Barn Woodshop, our employees will discuss with you the pros and cons of each and make recommendations about the best course of action for your furniture pieces.

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing furniture is a much more comprehensive and involved process. When refinishing an item, the furniture is usually stripped down to bare original wood. While many furniture repair shops use chemical strippers, we offer hand-stripping service which is more appropriate for these types of pieces.

After being stripped, the furniture is sanded smooth and stained before a finish is applied.

Refinishing can make your furniture look beautiful. But for masterpieces, high-value items, or those with a clear lineage to a well-known and respected craftsman or company, there is the possibility that refinishing could diminish the value of your piece.

Restoring Furniture

Furniture restoration services are less invasive than furniture refinishing. In most cases, choosing the least invasive option is usually the best course for preserving furniture value. Furniture restoration may actually be the best outcome and add value in the long run. Restoring furniture involves doing a light, noninvasive cleaning of the wood, repairing any damage and replacing fixtures if necessary.

Some people use the terms refinish and restore interchangeably, which can lead to confusion and end results that are not desired. The Barn Workshop craftsmen will be happy to explain the processes, supplies and equipment used in each case.

Working with the Barn Woodshop

When The Barn Woodshop works on your furniture, you know that you will have talented and experienced craftsmen who specialize in intricate woodworking. For example, instead of dipping your furniture in a vat of harsh stripping chemicals, we use safe materials that get the job done. We pride ourselves on being meticulous in our work.

In addition to furniture restoration and furniture refinishing, The Barn Woodshop offers a range of other woodworking services. We custom-build furniture, reupholster furniture, work on antique restorations and do architectural woodwork restoration. We provide hand-woven seats in a variety of styles and materials, including cane, wicker, rattan, oak splints and high-density cotton Shaker tape.

We understand that customers can be quite emotionally attached to their furniture. Since our founding in 1929, we’ve valued the time-honored traditions associated with fine woodworking. Proprietor Tom Kieninger learned as an apprentice at the hands of his father, Al, who purchased The Barn Woodshop in 1974. Today, Tom’s son, Luke, is learning the business the same way his father and grandfather did.

For all types of furniture repair and furniture reupholstery services in Menlo Park CA, turn to the trusted and experienced hands at The Barn Woodshop.


Furniture Reupholstery And Restoration In San Francisco CA

The Barn Woodshop Offers Furniture Reupholstery and Furniture Restoration Services in Menlo Park and San Francisco CA

Do you have old furniture that looks like it’s on its last leg? Have you already started budgeting for new furniture sets to purchase? Don’t rush to throw out your current furniture or buy new ones. You should consider furniture reupholstery or furniture restoration first at The Barn Woodshop in San Francisco CA.

Professional reupholstering and restoration companies can help to turn your old furniture around. Here are five things you should know about furniture reupholstery and furniture restoration:

Comfort And Aesthetics Are Primary Concerns
When you take your furniture in to be reupholstered or refinished, be sure to note that comfort and aesthetics are a priority. Make sure the company you are working with for furniture restoration and furniture reupholstery is aware of this and promises to work with the highest-quality materials and padding. Your goal is to make your furniture last, so make sure they can do just that.

Find The Right Fabric For Your Current Decor
Find a fabric resource that allows you to choose from a variety of fabric options. There is no better way to give your furniture a new life than to cover it with new fabric that fits perfectly into your current décor. Even if you have antique furniture, you can still find materials that play to the era gone by and revive that old piece to make it hip and comfortable again.

Determine A Timeframe For Your Custom Reupholstery Project
Ask your furniture repair specialist what the expected timeframe will be for them to complete the furniture refinishing or furniture reupholstery process. Any professional furniture workman in San Francisco, CA should be committed to a realistic timeframe and should be repairing the furniture in a proper order for optimum results.

Customization Is Easier Than Ever
If you have a special fabric that you love, bring it to the upholsterer and ask if they can use it. One thing to be aware of is the thickness of the fabric. If the fabric is too thin, it could rip easily but there are still options to have it backed for added strength. Ask about the options and show them your sample. It is likely they can incorporate it into the overall job.

Consider Reupholstery For All Of Your Home Furniture
A good furniture restoration company can restore any type of furniture, from sofas, loveseats, benches, dining room chairs or anything with a padding and material cover to it. This is a great way to update all of the furniture within your house so that it is durable and looks great in your home.

Reupholstering or restoring your furniture can be more affordable than picking out completely new furniture. Plus, if you have valuable furniture that has been in the family, you likely want to keep it preserved for generations to come. If you’re considering updating your furniture with reupholstery or furniture restoration in San Francisco CA, be sure to check out The Barn Woodshop (, a company that offers exceptional furniture reupholstery and furniture restoration. They can customize your furniture with the fabric options you want and repair the legs, backs of furniture and other wood elements back to new.